Fall 2013

Name Project Title E-mail
Aaron Bond An Analysis of Food Accessibility in Public Housing Areas of South East Washington D.C. AABOND2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Lisa Brooks Poverty Levels and Proximity to Coal Plants in Illinois BROOKS17(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Nicholas Centola Analysis of Potential Pollution Sites in Savoy, Illinois CENTOLA1(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Carolina Chantrill Regional suitability analysis for urban development in Mendoza Province, Argentina CHANTRI2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Jeehee Choi Redevelopment Project for the New County Fair JCHOI115(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Norissa Coleman Cook County, IL: Produce Market Food Desert Analysis NACOLEM2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Joao Da Cruz Cardoso Deprivation Level of Access to Secondary Schools in Timor-Leste DACRUZC2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Zaheeda Darvesh GIS Analysis for proposing a Bus Stop in the parking lot of the Champaign Urbana Public Health District (CUPHD) DARVESH2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Yuchen Ding Analyzing subway ridership in Chicago neighborhoods YDING11(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Yining Fan Hospital Distribution in City of Chicago YFAN5(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Troy Hurdelbrink Analyzing Police Response of Champaign City HURDELB1(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Xinnan Jiang Suitability analysis for locating a new Chinese Restaurant XJIANG23(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Margaret Jodlowski Developing a Better Livestock Distribution Program Using Spatial Analysis in the Copperbelt Region of Zambia JODLOWS1(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Min Kang Measuring Access to Parks in Chicago MINKANG3(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Diane Khor 2012 Chicago Crime Rate Analysis DKHOR2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Woo-Lack Kim Suitability analysis for development of new community park in Champaign-Urbana WKIM45(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Christina Lee Lao Assistance Center of Minnesota Clients’ Housing Program Accessibility and Foreclosure Risk CALEE9(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Yuan Liao New Metro Line Service Location Plan in Saint Paul LIAO26(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Evan Liew Evaluating potential locations for public housing in Chicago LIEW1(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Maximillian Mahalek Analyzing locations of public services and homicide in the city of Chicago MAHALEK1(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Stephen Moy Service Area of the CTA Blue Line SMOY21(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Daniel Obeler Future Development Suitability for Phase 2 of the California Ridge Wind Farm in Champaign and Vermillion Counties, Illinois DOBELER2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Laura Pinzon Identifying suitable locations for homeless shelter in Chicago PINZON1(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Ursula Ruiz Vera Calculating the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) for urban and agricultural areas using two different approaches RUIZVER1(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Bernardo Salazar Race, poverty, and accessibility to public transit in Champaign-Urbana BSALAZR2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Hannah Siroky Multiple-criteria Evaluation of Wilderness Areas in Yosemite National Park SIROKY1(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Connor Smith Segregation and Health in Chicago CRSMITH3(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Xinyue Sui The location choice of performing art center in Champaign County XSUI4(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Maoqi Sun Measuring Accessibility to Urban Parks in City of Champaign MSUN23(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Danielle Thayer Influence of Sounder Train Extension on Population Change Near Everett Station 2000 – 2010 THAYER2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Kristina Tranel Student Housing Suitability Analysis KTRANEL(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Meng Wang Analyzing “Food Deserts” in Champaign-Urbana MWANG15(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Sarah Wieder Food Deserts and Public Transportation Access in St. Louis, Missouri WIEDER2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Natasha Wilkins Memphis, Tennessee Grocery Store Access: A GIS View WILKIN17(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Keyi Yan Local Community with Wal-Mart in Tacoma, Washington KEYIYAN2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Hao Yu Analyzing poverty and location of air polluting factories in Illinois HAOYU2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Wenhao Zhang Evaluating accessibility to the light rail system in Seattle ZHANG296(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU