Fall 2014

Name Project Title E-mail
Alejandro Campos Are Charter Schools living up to their name? AJCAMPO2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Angela Hamann Traveling to the Market – A Network Analysis in Malawi AHAMANN2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Anna Ma Demographic of Subsidized Housing in Chicago and its Accessibility to Transportation ACMA2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Aparna Howlader Conservation under Different Criteria Using Spatial Data: Case Study of Iowa HOWLADE2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
April Swanson Low-income accessibility to selective enrollment high schools in Chicago, IL ASWANSN2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Bardia Heidari-Haratmeh Assessing Correlation between Property Value and Green Infrastructure Implementation: Case Study of Baltimore HDRHRTM2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Binni Zhao An Analysis of Population of Served Area of Three Sites for New HSR Station in Milwaukee BZHAO16(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Caleb Orozco Potential Locations for Urban Agriculture Centers in Sacramento, CA. CMOROZC2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Cara Riordan An Analysis of Health Care Accessibility in Paterson, New Jersey CGRIORD2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Christine Rhoades Location Selection of New Zipcars in Champaign-Urbana RHOADES1(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Claire Wilson Potential location for a new Senior Center in Chicago, IL CEWILSO2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Edyta Kawula Analysis of Immigrant Worker’s Employment in Cook, DuPage, Lake, Kane and Will Counties in 2010 EKAWUL2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Elizabeth Barr Danville, Illinois: Land of Environmental Injustice or Economic Opportunity? ELBARR2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Grace Kyung City of Urbana, Illinois Bicycle Facilities Impact Analysis GKYUNG2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Guyu Ye Environmental Factors of Honey Bee Loss: Do Neonicotinoids Matter? GUYUYE2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Hyun Kyu Kim Environmental Justice: Coal-fired power plants in the State of Illinois and their relevance to the demographics and diseases KIM573(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Isaac Cuenca An Analysis of Income and Segregation in Chicago from 2000-2010 CUENCA2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Jai Seoung Chung A Tourist in Costa Rica or in Nicaragua? JCHUNG19(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Jason Lee Factors of Obesity: Access to fresh food, access to public parks, and obesity LEE582(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Jessica Gal The Relationship Between Poverty and the Location of Food Pantries JGAL2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Jing Yi Fire Response in Highest Rail Accident Density Region during 2012 and 2013 JINGYI3(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
John Kim Analyzing the Changing Crime Landscape in South Chicago, Chicago, IL JKIM510(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Jong Cheol Shin Green Space Effects on Physical Activeness in Illinois County: ICBRFS and NLCD database JSHIN57(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Juan Munoz Best Location for a New Police Station in Chicago IL.: Looking at Homicides, Public Schools, and Poverty JCMUNOZ2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Justin Duvernois Accessibility of United Center and Soldier Field DUVERNO2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Kara Dudek Locations for Divvy Bike Stations in the South Lawndale Neighborhood of Chicago, IL KDUDEK3(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Kelly Goetz Race and Public Space: MARTA KMGOETZ2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Kyoungjae Park The Relationship between the location of coalmines and cancer rates in Illinois PARK296(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Liqing Li Evaluating the Accessibility of Hospitals in Salt Lake city, Utah LLI40(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Lynzie Plumley Locating Potential Bike Share Stations for the University of Illinois LPLUMLE2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Marcello Delfini Analysis of Weapon Related Crimes in relation to Elementary Schools in Chicago, IL MDELFIN2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Marinna Perez State Endangered Blanding’s Turtle Occurrences as Related to the Landscape MRPEREZ2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Michael Hennessy Populations at Risk of Toxic Release MEHENNE2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Natalie Prochaska Describing change in property value over time and the location of public investment PROCHASK(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Nathan Lipson Racial Distribution and Economic Potential—A Study of Arizona LIPSON2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Nicholas Bartholomew Analyzing Access to Transit: Hennepin County, MN BRTHLMW2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Nico Carla Perez Bell Bend Nuclear Power Plant: A Sustainable Development Proposal for the Neighborhood of East Carnegie, Allegheny County, PA NPEREZ27(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Pui Yi Man A GIS Study of the WMATA Network in Arlington County, VA PMAN4(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Rea Zaimi Creative Inequalities? Deepening Socio-spatial Inequalities in the “Creative City”: A GIS Analysis RZAIMI2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Sean Keane An Analysis of Ridership and Surrounding Population of the South Leg of the Red Line in Chicago, IL SMKEANE2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Sebastian Arias Increasing Demand for Urbana-Champaign Public Transportation SAARIAS2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Stephen Frankel Finding New Early Voting Locations in Duval County, Florida SAFRANK2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Stephen Sherman Why drug-free school zones are bad for communities:  Evaluating sentence enhancement zones in Illinois communities SASHERMN(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Weixuan Mao An Environmental Justice of Air Polluted Influencing Area in Los Angeles County, CA. WMAO4(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Xiao Wang Will Clean Acts have same negative impact on employment across the US? – Spatial Analysis on the elasticity of toxic releases and employment of TRI plants XWANG208(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Xinyi Wang Analysis of Environmental Condition & Justice in Chicago-Naperville-Joliet Metropolitan Area XWANG144(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Youngjae Kim Existing Condition Analysis: Champaign County Police Service with Weapon Related Crimes KIM688(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU