Spring 2015

Name Project Title E-mail
Chenhui Chen Cooperation between O’Hare Airport and Midway Airport CCHEN151(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Yuting Chen Assessing Travel Distance from Police Stations to Toxic Chemical Releasing Industries and Pollution Impact Zones in Cook County YCHEN146(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Minelly Cruz Montes Tracking the Structural Condition of Storm Sewers In the West Washington Street Watershed CRUZMON2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Hareem Dar CTA Rail-Station Connections with Bus Service and Divvy Bikes in Chicago Area HDAR2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Yan Deng Potential Sustainable Community Site in Chicago YANDENG2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Zachary Felice Carbon Dioxide Offset Zones FELICE2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Qitao Gao  The Study of Factors Influencing De-urbanization of Detroit City, Michigan Using ArcGIS GAO25(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Yichen He An Analysis of Potential Grocery Stores in Urbanized Area in Springfield, Illinois HE16(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Sean Hennessy Mapping Soil Health in the Morogoro Region of Tanzania: A Raster-based Analysis SRHENNE2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Wendell Joseph Storm water management through the use of green infrastructure WJOSEPH2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Zachary Leverton UIUC Campus Bike Parking Improvement LEVERTO1(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Cunqian Li The study of relationship between the location of the police station and the crime incidents CLI12(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Zherui Li Optimization of “Last Mile” Delivery in Shanghai in terms of Minimizing Carbon Emissions ZLI95(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Yifan Liu “Education Deserts” and what’s behind the growing percentage of un-enrolled citizens YLIU143(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Abraham Melendez A Comparison of Chicago Neighborhoods for Potential Property Purchases. AMELEND2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Cory Mosiman Analyzing Poverty Surrounding Chicago “L” Stations CMOSIMA2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Oksana Polhuy Suitability of Undeveloped Land in Urbana, IL for LEED Neighborhood Development Certification POLHUY2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Nubras Samayeen Spatial Urban dynamics in its Relation to Open Spaces, Parks and changing River Beds SAMAYEE2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Madeline Schuette Gentrification Patterns near the High Line, NYC SCHUETT6(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Mariane Shen Yin Lin Bus Service and Route Changes in Champaign and Urbana, IL SHENYIN2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Nancy Smebak Open, For Business: Income & Production Potential of Vacant Properties in Peoria, Illinois Used in Urban Agriculture SMEBAK2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Wen Tang Research on Nutrient Pollution Sources in Illinois WENTANG2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Kaitao Wu Reaction Time & Measurements from Blocks to Health Facilities during Floods in Jefferson County, AR KWU12(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Roman Yanke Detroit on the Rebound: Is Midtown Driving the Recovery? YANKE2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Xinyu Zhang Miami Tourism Proximity Analysis for Low-Income Visitors XZHNG103(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Yu Zhong Owner-occupied Housing and Poverty Distribution Analysis: Los Angeles County, CA, 1970-2010 YUZHONG4(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Wanning Zhu Poverty Level and Locations of Power Plants in Illinois WZHU28(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU