Spring 2013

Name Project Title  E-mail
Garrett Burger A Spatial Analysis of Working Class Heritage Sites in the Netherlands GBURGER2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Peter J. Chen Poverty and Employment Rates in Relation to Transportation CHEN182(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Catherine M. DeMuro Analyzing relationships between school scores and green areas DEMURO1(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Kelly C. Dunne Analyzing Accessibility of Public Transportation in Chicago DUNNE3(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Danqi Fang Media Attention to Urban Gardening and Lead Contamination in Sacrament, CA DFANG5(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Ryan W. Giertz Location Selection for Jimmy John’s Franchising in Rhode Island GIERTZ1(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Donna M. Guerrero Analyzing spatial distribution of public facilities and hispanic population in Chicago GUERRE11(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Cody A. Hague Attempting to Determine the Influence the Legalization of Abortion had on Crime in New Jersey HAGUE3(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Eileen C. Hansen A GIS-based suitability analysis for selecting residential location HANSEN18(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Natalie J. Kubik Analysis of Homicide in Chicago, IL: An Application of GIS KUBIK3(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Fengge Liu Washington D.C. Crime and Police Station Distribution Evaluation LIU174(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Daniel J. Malsom An Analysis of Pollutant Sources Tied to PM2.5 Emissions in New York City MALSOM1(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Conor Neal Analyzing the Sample Locations along the Wildcat Slough in Fisher, Il CNEAL10(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Samuel A. Strom Analyzing the Effects of Distance on the Economic Performance of Cities in Northern Illinois SSTROM2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Christopher E. Szmurlo Where in Illinois Are You From? Analyzing the Residence of In-State Students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign CSZMUR2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Elyne Tran Apartment Hunting in the City of Chicago ETRAN3(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Laurencia C. Wibawa Evaluating existing and potential stations for Illinois High-Speed Rail WIBAWA1(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Hao Zeng Tracking Population Distribution over Time in Fairfax County, VA HAOZENG3(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Xiaohan Zhang Relationship between Land Cover Changes and House Unit Development in Illinois XZHAN110(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Xiaonan Zhou Lane-Specific Risk Analysis for Hazardous Material Shipments XZHOU27(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU