Spring 2014

Name Project Title E-mail
 William A Andresen Cook County Educational Attainment: Are Libraries The Key? ANDRESN2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
 Michael K Blaser Presidential Elections and Poverty BLASER2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
 Clare D Cutler Improving Food Access in Chicago, Illinois CCUTLER2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
 Christopher Francis Alternative Fuels: An Alternative Way to Travel the Mother Road CFRANCI3(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
 Ruiying Gao Locating a New Park for Aged People in Chicago RGAO5(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
 Erin E Harper Habitat Feasibility and Resident Attitudes of Species of Greatest Conservation Need in Iowa HARPER7(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
 Efrain Hernandez Jr Chicago Homicides: A Geographic Look at Police Stations HRNNDZJ2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
 Shuyi Huang Determine Drainage Structure Number-Size-Location For Pioneer Parkway Extension SHUANG82(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
 Zelan Jia Improvement of Bikeway Network in University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ZJIA4(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
 Xiangrong Jiang Park Distribution and Accessibility Analysis in Chicago XJIANG19(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
 Joseph A Krehbiel Healthcare Access in Kongbora KREHBIE1(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
 Xiaoying Li Locating a New Bank in Champaign –Urbana Area XLI98(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
 Amy Liu Prioritization of proposed municipal wells in Boulder county, Colorado ALIU31(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
 Nao Nishio Change in Educational Attainment Before and After the Construction of LA Metro Rail Expo Line: Effect of Move LA Campaign NISHIO2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
 Michae Pacifico Pat Renewable Energy Potential in the United States MPACIF2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
 Sanghun Park Changing patterns of Non-U.S. resident arrivals in U.S from 2000 to 2012 SPARK156(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
 Jacob W Persons Corn-Soybean Crop Rotation in Illinois PERSONS2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
 Pronoy Rai Rural-Urban migration in India: Spatial Analysis of Causal Factors PRAI2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
 Kelsey A Schattnik Urban Living: St. Louis city Fresh Food Accessibility SCHATTN1(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
 Jinwoo Seo Potential location for new fire station in Northeast Los Angeles, CA SEO35(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
 Shruti Syal Developing visual resources for planning an intervention-based wetlands-for-wastewater treatment research SYAL2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Benjamin J Thompson Site Suitability of Landfill in Charlotte County, Florida THOMPS48(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
Rachael J Wilson GIS Analysis of Segregation in Chicago from 1970-2010 RJWILSO2(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU
 Brian M Zelip Mapping the status of African American Studies in US Higher Ed, and its proximity to African Americans BZELIP(AT)ILLINOIS(DOT)EDU